The importance of choosing the right colour scheme

The importance of choosing the right colour scheme

When you use Town Kitchens you are a safe hands. We always consult with the client about the colour schemes planned. Our trained painters and decorators will happily work through the colour charts and help you to decide which exact colours will work well together.

The psychological power of colour can dramatically alter the look feel and atmosphere of a room. We have put together a guide to help. The natural light which does or does not get into the room also has an effect on the colours and shades that you choose.

Here is a summary of each main colour in turn. White symbolises innocence and purity. White reflects light and is usually considered a summer colour. It is popular in home interiors because it is airy neutral, and matches everything. The smallest mark will show up so maybe not the safest colour if you have pets or children.

Blue gives a sense of calm and can create feelings of peace and trust though this depends on the shade and depth of the blue. This is also why most social networking websites use blue logos. The colour of trust can be used with any decor, and is liked by most people.

Green can help you to feel nurturing, dependable, and relaxed but green also has negative attributes of being bland and boring. Green can produce restorative results and helps you to unwind so surprisingly it can be used nicely in a bathroom

Red can make you feel energetic, confident and ambitious. It can also create stressful feelings and become too much so it needs to be used in the right way. Pretty pink is the colour of sympathy and understanding however the downside is that it may not be striking enough to suit your design or personality. Pink is a great colour when you want to soften a look such as bold decor.

Orange can make you feel enthusiastic, energetic, uninhibited and fun loving. It can also create an image of being common. Reports have indicated that the colour orange can be connected with the need to eat which may be worth remembering when it comes to your new kitchen. Purple omits a creative image, though can sometimes be impractical as it may be too dark and difficult to match up with decor. Purple usually promotes a sense of individuality. It can be used wisely in a kitchen bedroom or bathroom despite not being mainstream.

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