Light the way!

Light the way!

Kitchen design in 2016 is all about soft pastel colours, clean lines, metallics and lighting! Gone are the bold colours and ascent walls of the years before. With kitchens used for cooking, entertaining and family time getting the right lighting is so important.

LED lighting

Under cupboard lights

Lighting on multiple levels is very popular. For example lighting under cupboards are useful for everyday cooking - something to think about would be adding dimmer switches for all lighting to create different atmospheres.

Faber hood

Designer extractors

Combining practical lighting with something beautiful, like one of Elicas kitchen cooker extractors gives you stunning mood lighting and a smell less, kitchen. What more could you want?

kick board lighting

Kickboard lighting

Low level lighting? Not a problem, Using LED lights in your kick boards can add depth to your kitchen. its something different and can add impact and great atmosphere!

LED lights are very low energy and last for years so you can use as much lighting as you like in your kitchen and feel guilt free about wasting electricity.

Island lighting

Island lights

One of the most popular types kitchen lights are ones like the kitchen below. Lighting up your island with pendants creates a great focal point.

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by claire wild Kitchens News