Which worktop?

Which worktop?

You are planning a new kitchen and are unsure of what worktop will best suit your needs?

Have a look at our guide to the most popular worktops and see which one will suit your new kitchen.


A granite worktop is very low maintenance. If you do a lot of cooking it is extremely durable and can stand very high temperatures, is water proof and is virtually stain and bacteria resistant. It is a brilliant option and will look great in your kitchen for years to come. See our work to view some great examples, look out for our matte leather look granite that is very popular at the moment.


Having a wooden worktop requires more maintenance than granite, laminate and quartz. Spills need to be taken care of immediately and hot pans may scorch them. To prevent staining it requires sealing. A well maintained wooden worktop can last a long time and suit all kitchen styles. Wooden worktops can also add character to a kitchen as it ages.

Formica Laminate

Laminate can be a great cheaper alterative to granite, quartz and wood as it can be made to mimic these surfaces. It doesn’t require much maintenance and is resistant to bacteria, staining, chemicals and liquids however it can be damaged with heat and steam.


Has similar properties to granite, quartz is a man made composite and comes in a wide range of colours and styles. It is water and bacteria and heat resistant and can be prone to stains if not looked after. Quarts can suit most styles of kitchens.

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