Quooker’s 100°C kicks the kettle out of the kitchen

Quooker’s 100°C kicks the kettle out of the kitchen

If you want to make your kitchen as time, energy and water efficient as possible, you will probably have spent some time researching boiling water taps.

Hopefully you will have realised that they are by no means all the same.

Every tap in our range delivers 100°C – even the Quooker Fusion which also delivers hot and cold water too. We never compromise on 100°C because that’s what allows you to ditch the kettle and take advantage of the Quooker’s other features:

  • No wasting water – a Quooker allows you to use only what you need.
  • No wasting energy – a Quooker delivers boiling water for less and costs just 3 pence a day on standby.
  • No wasting time – all you need to do with a Quooker is turn on the tap.
  • No wasted space – the Quooker banishes the kettle and frees up space on your worktop.
  • No accidents – thanks to its design, its 360° rotation, twin-walled cool spout and aerated delivery, the Quooker is actually much safer than a kettle.

In short, only a Quooker will do, because only a Quooker offers so much – especially 100°C.

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The new voice-over should sound familiar as it was provided by India Fisher, the voice of MasterChef!

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