The latest in kitchen style

The latest in kitchen style

When it’s wet and miserable outside, many people turn their attention to their home – and as we all know, the heart of every home is the kitchen. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in your kitchen, cooking away the bad the bad weather and baking in to spring we’ve got some of the latest kitchen accessories from CDA to inspire you.

Let’s start with what’s possibly one of the coolest kitchen accessories that we’ve seen for a long time – the beautiful glass gas hob. Available from a single burner to a five burner in a vast array of configurations, this hob has the style of the very latest induction hobs and the comfort of cooking with gas.

The latest single and double ovens are the epitome of modern styling. Touch control panels, large glass fronts and easy-clean ceramic interiors make CDA’s ovens a joy to look at and to use. The controls are simple and clear so no staring at a cake that won’t rise because you’re on the wrong setting.

For those often necessary ‘ping nights’ the new range of microwaves don’t disappoint either. In fact, they’re as stylish and cool as the ovens. What we love most about CDA’s microwaves is how simple they’ve kept everything. A couple of easy to use buttons and a simple dial make these the easiest microwaves to use we’ve seen.

If you’re looking for the very latest in effortless kitchen style though, we’d suggest that you get yourself CDA’s beautiful built in coffee machine. If you’re a coffee lover, this machine has got everything you need. Hot water, steam, and a grinder – this makes good coffee in style.

The look is very modern, but it works well with more traditional designs too – have a look at some of our kitchen projects and see how CDA appliances might fit in to your kitchen,

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