The Rangemaster 2014 cooker range

The Rangemaster 2014 cooker range

Your kitchen is built around your cooker, so it’s important to make sure that you choose the best possible cooker you can. Rangemaster have been making amazing quality cookers since 1830 – in fact, they’re the world’s oldest cooker manufacturer. Versatile, durable and always stylish, Rangemaster are the choice of the cook who understands the importance of British built quality.

So, when Rangemaster tell us that they have launched new cookers for 2014, we naturally get very excited, and it turns out that it’s with good reason.

The important thing to note is that Rangemaster has remained reassuringly unchanged in all of the main ways. There are improvements, new accessories and new fridges and extractors, but the central element – high quality, well produced, stylish range cookers remains. When you’re already making the best cookers on the market – why change?

If you’re looking for something ultra-modern, then the Rangemaster Toledo will fit the bill perfectly. With polished chrome and clean, contemporary styling, this range will compliment any modern kitchen style. Many of our customers prefer something more classic and the Classic, Elan and Elise ranges, which are available in a range of colours would be perfect in a more traditional design. If you’re after the professional look, then you should look no further than the snappily titled RC9322SS – the ultimate in professional style and performance.

If you look at our Projects page, you can see many of the projects that we have done in recent months in and around the Huddersfield and Halifax area that have included RangeMaster cookers.

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