Give it a twist

Give it a twist

Stuck in traffic on the way home from completing a kitchen the other day, I was thinking about the project, the customer’s choices and style and the kitchen that we’ve finished for them – it’s amazing what can happen when you’re in a traffic jam in the middle of Huddersfield…

This job wasn’t, in many ways, anything special, but what really struck me was the way that our customer had blended different styles, colours and textures in their kitchen design to create something really very effective, interesting and stylish.

To them, their kitchen really is the heart of the home and it was important that we were able to create the classic farmhouse kitchen feel to the room, but they’re also a family with contemporary tastes, who love their kitchen gadgets and stainless steel accessories. Bringing these two contrasting elements together in to a kitchen they could love could have been quite a challenge.

After sitting with them and talking about the different elements that they wanted for their kitchen, we were able to create a plan that used a more traditional style for the cupboards, but contrasted that with contemporary glass splash backs in a very modern red. We added some highly energy efficient LED lighting in to the kickboards – again in red and brought it all together with black granite worktops and flooring.

What our customer now has is a modern, but family feeling kitchen. They have something that’s uniquely theirs and reflects their tastes and needs perfectly.

But, what is the point of telling you this? The point that I am making is that when you’re designing and planning your kitchen, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Contemporary elements can work well on classic styles just as something a little more traditional can make a big difference to highly modern schemes.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up.

by claire wild Kitchens News